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Energy Services

The Virginia Clean Energy Business Incubator is a new program that will provide innovative energy services that identify readily attainable reductions in energy, water, and resources that can be used to significantly decrease utility costs and consumption.

The Center is a Climate Action Registry member and approved verifier, Chicago Climate Exchange member and approved certifier for energy management projects, and a U.S. Department of Energy-qualified energy services provider.

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Carbon Management Services

The Center's carbon management services focus on identifying, reducing, and strategically managing customers' carbon footprints. Services span operations (energy, environmental, and transportation), management (leadership), and finance (capital) to provide cost savings, manage regulatory effects, institute operational efficiencies, develop new business opportunities, and drive corporate responsibility and reputation. These services support customer efforts to address global climate change and become carbon neutral - a term that designates an organization as 'green' or 'sustainable.' These objectives can be achieved by 'greening' energy supplies, implementing opportunities for energy efficiency and resource conservation, using alternative fuels and transportation, sequestering and capturing carbon, and purchasing carbon offsets. Our experience in implementing these solutions has repeatedly illustrated that customers can reduce their carbon and environmental impacts and save money while continuing to grow their businesses.

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Small Business Energy Service Center for Southern Virginia

The Service Center gives significant value-added assistance to rural small businesses throughout the area defined by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission and the Virginia Tourism Office as 'Southern' Virginia. The Service Center offers technical assistance to businesses with up to 50 employees and less than $1 million in annual revenues to assess sustainability practices and standards that can reduce both energy demand and energy costs.

Sustainability Services

Knowing the quality, type, and condition of an installation's resources is an important part of the overall assessment of mission capability. Understanding the capability and value of natural resources enables mission planners to make better-informed management decisions and negotiate from a positive position. The Center has direct experience helping installations manage stationary assets such as air, water, land, and energy.

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